The Smartphone: Anatomy of an Industry is a business/technology book that examines multiple aspects of the smartphone industry, including smartphone history.

Chapter 1 of the book chronicles the emergence of the world’s first smartphones, from IBM’s Simon phone in 1994 to Research in Motion’s BlackBerry 5810, which was the first BlackBerry to sport integrated phone (calling) features. Chapter 2 of the book covers the rise of Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung in the smartphone market, beginning around 2000.

smartphone book cover

Chapters 3 through 8 of the book address:

  • The industry’s brutal dynamics and many lawsuits, a.k.a. “the smartphone wars”;
  • How smartphones are designed and manufactured;
  • The “wireless waste” of overpriced smartphone data plans and the “e-waste” of discarded smartphones;
  • The health implications of using smartphones;
  • Smartphone privacy issues;
  • The future of the smartphone industry and smartphone technology.

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